HP dvd1260i/d Wont bitset help flashng to new firmware

I just recently bought a HP dvd1260i and its really of no use at all. I bought it because i thought it could bitset dvd+r dl’s to dvd-rom but it cant. Ive asked around and people hve told me i need to update the firmware to get the bitsetting feature because im using the stock firmware kh23. Ive searched alot and cant find any firmware upgrades at all. Even when i search the burner on HP.com it says it doesnt have support for it!!! Ive heard its exactly the same as the Lite-On ihas124 drive. Is there any way i can flash to the ihas124’s firmware to enable bitsetting or is there anything i can do to get bitsetting on this drive for that matter. Please Help me

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See if the settings utility for Lite-On drives will work:


If it doesn’t, then try the EEPROM utility.

Be EXTREMELY careful and don’t do anything other than modify the bitsetting. Leave everything else alone until you understand how these tools work.