HP dvd1040i 20x Super Multiformat DVD Writer & 1Click DVD Copy Pro

Hello. I am new here, so I hope that I am doing this the right way. :flower:
I just purchased an HP dvd1040i 20x Super Multiformat DVD Writer about a week ago. Then 2 nights ago I spent another $79 to purchase 1 Click DVD Copy Pro and so far I am only making coasters instead of copying my movie! :sad: I was wondering if anyone could help?? I did read some of the posts on problems with burning and tried some of those but still having problem. Also I TRIED to use the F8 key to copy the log but it doesn’t work for some reason. :confused: So I would be greatful for ANY help. :bow:

My advice to you would to register with the forum below where you will get first class help and advice to sort out your problems, the members there are dedicated to people like your self who experiene problems using or installing LG software.
I can wholly recommend this forum without exception… :iagree:


Thank you. I’ll try that.