HP DVD1035i is similar to LITE-ON LH-20A1P

i think hp dvd1035i is remark of lite-on lh-20a1p and i wanna x-flash it ! !

what do you think about them ?? is this true ?

can i do that ?

can i back to m hp drive if result was dead drive ?

see images below & compare their hardware
hp dvd1035i

and lite-on lh-20a1p

dvd1040i is a LiteOn LH-20A1H, and dvd940i is a LH-18A1H, so it makes sense.

You can backup your firmware, and there should be a way to recover the drive if it was to die. :flower:

Just know that crossflashing would void your warranty. :iagree:

[search for instructions on how to crossflash the dvd1040i; they will be the same directions, of course using the LH-20A1P firmware].

thanks a lot ! !
but i did speak about [U] hp 1035i and lit-on 20a1p[/U] ! they have not light scribe.
my drive is working very good and have 6 months of waranty !
never mind ; i prefer to have a lite-on firmware on my drive instead of a remark drive
with hp brand !

i downloaded all programs and last firmwares.but i have problems with x-flashing my drive with lite-on’s.

can anyone explain more about that ? ?
required information:
my drive hp dvd1035i firmware FH23
decided firmware : lite-on 20A1P
downloaded programs :
EEPROM utility 3.7.2
SMART BURN 3.1.16t
XFLASH utility 3.0.6

downloaded firmwares :

when i trying to use KL0N flash exe file answers : "no matched drive detected"
and when using x-flash after loading kl0n file says: "no extractable firmwares were found"
now how can i do that ?

You have to use the Flash Utility (select the drive and load the executable) to convert it to a LO since the stock firmwares only look for LO-id drives.

thanks a lot baby well done ! ! !
i dont know what happend first time but this time worked !
i first x-flashed it to stock kl0m firmware then flashed it using kl0n firmware and now
working good.
best regards: delta delta (amir)

Help me please.
How i can crossflash HP 1070i into LiteON by steps?
thank you.

Why do you need to crossflash the drive?