HP DVD1035 writer DVD5 burn errors HELP!


Has anybody else experienced burn errors with this drive? I use DVDFab Platinum (v. and while DVD9 dual layer discs continue to burn with no trouble, I continue to get errors burning DVD5 discs (normally a task2 116 error). The clone process works perfectly but about 9% of the way into the burn, I get an error message. I’m using exactly the same Verbatim blank DVDs I’ve been using for the last 3 months but this problem has just cropped up in the last two days, and I’ve now got about 15 DVD5 coasters.

I’ve tried using a diferent batch of DVD5 but I’m getting the same problems.

Anybody, please help as I’m getting desperate.

Thank you for your time

Interestingly, I am in exactly the opposite situation, Mine wont read or burn a DVD9 but burns DVD5 with no issues, Also It does not reads the DVD5 that I have burned, where as other DVD devices read the same disc that I burned on my HP DVD1035.
Also, I should mention that the DVD9s that I had burned a year ago are still easily readable on my HP DVD1035.

If some one has some explanation please do so!!