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I just posted the article HP dvd100i DVD+RW review @ CDRlabs.

CDRlabs.com has posted a review of the HP dvd100i DVD+RW drive. This drive writes at a maximum of 12 speed, rewrites at 10 speed, reads DVD’s at 8 speed, CD-ROM’s at 32 speed and writes DVD+RW…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2941-HP-dvd100i-DVDRW-review--CDRlabs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2941-HP-dvd100i-DVDRW-review--CDRlabs.html)

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Lows: Cannot write DVD-R

I can write DVD-R on my PIONEER DVRA03; I can also use DVD-RW 4.7 gigas as A BIG FLOPPY, using INCD from NERO soft, formatting once the “floppy”, and adding or removing files as I WANT… :4:4:4

decoulon, totally wright :wink: have you also write a DVD-R(W) with video ? which program ? thanks

For video, I dont have made tests, because I use the writer especiallly for backups… Note that the actually working software is a little bit buggy (like windows), but its NEW, and the market is right now small (ref. instantwrite, instantcd, nero, incd.) Have a nice day! :+

Why would you want it to write DVD-R? DVD+RW can just as well be played in any consumer DVD-player. And you can also use the DVD+RW discs as a “big floppy”. Am I missing something? This drive is a heck of lot cheaper than any DVD-RW driver!

Dont forget that cd-r is right now three times cheaper than cd-rw, and the same will be for dvd-r and dvd-rw… (same phase-change technology). Here in Geneva the prices of DVRA03 and HP100i are about the same right now. Happy Christmas/NewYear !