Hp dvd writer software

hi everyone, hoping someone can help me. i recently purchased an hp dvd writer dvd630i and of course it is missing the installation cd. hp doesn’t offer it as a download. i’m wondering if anyone can tell me where i can location a copy of the installation software for this model. thanks in advance.


You shouldn’t need any software CD. All you need is nero or imgburn and off you go…

well that’s what i think to but the problem i’m having is when i put a dvd in the drive it won’t recognize it. however, it recognizes all cd’s. i got it from my friend who has been using it up to a couple of days ago and it worked fine for him and he DID NOT use the installation disk. perhaps someone could help me with troubleshooting. i’m running windows xp sp2 896mb of ram, plenty of hard drive space. any solutions anyone? thanks for responding to me.

What do you mean by not recognise DVDs.

Are these blank ones 'cos that’s normal as Windows itself won’t handle DVDs. You need specific software, as suggested above, to burn DVDs.

Your friend obviously has such software installed.

hi and thanks for responding, i have nero7 and recordnow on my system. i’ve tried blank dvds, ones with movies on it, one with software on it, it just won’t recognize them. when i use nero to burn or copy it says no disc in drive, please insert blank dvd. i just tried it back in my friends computer and it works fine. i don’t know. i’m using windows xp sp2. is there anything with windows that’s not working with it? thanks again.

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What burning software are you using ? If you use NERO , you need to select “DVD” instead of “CD” . Just in case …
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There are a couple of registry settings that might help. However, I don’t know how to do them thru regedit but use ImgBurn to do it.

Get it from www.imgburn.com & in the Tools/Settings/Device tick “Auto Insert Notification” & “Disable Media Change Notification”

This helped with similar problems I had.

BTW Imgburn is the best burning app around in the opinion of many here.

thanks tried that, didn’t work.

yes i am dvd, thanks though.

Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed? I doubt this is the issue, but thought I’d ask anyway.

Alcohol (the application) seems to be the cause of a few problems here recently & uninstalling seems to cure this type of problem.

hi guys, and again thank you, no i do not have those programs installed. i’m trying different things. now hp has a setup cd but i don’t have it and from what the manual online is saying is to run the setup first but everyone i’m talking to is telling me that isn’t even required. if someone comes up with something please let me know and if i finally figure it out i will definately post it on here. thanks everyone.

True. I’ve lost count now of how many times Alcohol (or more accurately, the “hide CD-R media”-type option in it) has been the culprit.