Hp dvd writer 840d

Is there a firmware update for this drive? I just bought this yesterday. Can’t find it anywhere. Not even on Hp’s website.

What is the exact drive id and firmware revision of the drive ?

Well the firmware version is HPD5. Also I looked at the box again and it says its the dvd840i, but when I got to properties it says its the dvd840d.

I think your drive is OEM, not retail HP.

Probably a Liteon drive. Check if the Flash Utility can backup the firmware and the Eeprom Utility can backup the eeprom data.

Do a “Search”. It will tell you exactly what a 840[B]d[/B] is and if you can “crossflash” it.

Alright, I just got off the phone with HP tech support and they said that there isn’t any firmware updates for this drive because it is already up to date out of the box. Anyway, thanks for helping me. I should have just called them in the first place.

having problem with the same drive, i write dvd’s then they are blank in the same writer but i find the data with other drives … what could be the problem?

They cannot be blank, thats clear. Just enable verify when burning, then you can be sure the content has been burnt.

Also uninstall the ide channels in devicemanager, then restart.

hmm… as i told they are not blank, data is there … working in other dvd drives, except that drive, i also did as u told uninstalled all the ide-channels . got same result :frowning:
damn this drive! i hate it