HP DVD writer 740i does not recognize media

Dear all,

I’m in dire strits here. Purchased a Pavilion m7390. Worked fine in the beginning. All of a sudden my HP DVD writer 740i does not recognize DVD discs anymore. It does burn ‘normal’ cd’s (data cd) but no dvd.
I did a lot of action and research on net to solve it, including:
verification of burner in devicemanager etc. I checked whether or not the 1 was allocated via regedit(HKey). I lowered burning speed. I changed different media and brand. Ranging from Philips, TDK, Maxwell, going from DVD-R, DVD+RW. Nothing. the burner was supposed to handle all kinds…
The thing just does not recognizes empty DDVD discs and keeps asking to insert one.
Application for burning is Nero 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi and welcome!

is this drive part of the computer as you bought it? Or did you install it later? If my first assumption is correct, then ask HP for advice if you are under warranty. If not, then try the drive in another computer in order to sort out issues of your system.


Thanks Michael, it is part of the tower as I bought it. Will contact HP…