HP DVD Writer 740b doesn't recognize TY media

I have a HP 740b dvd writer and it won’t recognize my 8x dvd-r taiyo yuden media manufacture # DVD-R47ZZSB8. The burner does recognize other media. I have updated the firmware, reinstalled the drive, updated software and I can’t find any new drivers for it… any suggestions? Or is time to buy a new burner. I had heard TY was the best media so I thought I would try it out and haven’t been able to use it yet! Could it be the media?


You dont need new drivers, they come with the OS.

Please startup nero cd dvd speed, insert the media, click on disc info and post the output of that here.

The drive won’t even recognize the media so I can’t run the scan from nero.

I put the disc in my other drive… a regular pioneer dvd-rom drive (DVD-121R) and it doesn’t recognize the disc either. Although it isn’t a burner so I don’t know if it should recognize a blank disc.

DVD-ROMs cannot recognize blanks.

Maybe you could try with another drive.