HP DVD Writer 640B

I bought some HP DVD+R DL discs. I figured they would probably work the best with a HP DVD Writing Drive. I figured wrong :a. I tryed using Imgburn, and it says that no media is present :frowning: . Much like the problems others are having using HP writing drives. I already opened one of the discs, “obviously”, so I can’t take them back. And I don’t feel like letting the money go to waste. Is there anyway to burn to these discs?

Can anyone help me? :bow:

First, there is no 640B. The models were 640c, 640e, 640i, 640v and 740b.
The 640 line is at least 3 years old, and the burners are rebranded BenQ or Lg drives.
These burners initially only recognized 2.4X DL media.
Try crossflashing the burner and updating its firmware.

It does exist…

But the discs are 2.4 X.

and sorry for being a total noob and causing someone to explain all this, but what is crossflashing? and where do i update the firmware?

What’s the current firmware on your drive, DucksFan (scroll to the right in your screenshot above and look at the line that says: PNP Device ID IDE\CDROMHP_DVD_WRITER_640B___[B]???[/B])?

It says E152___\5&D21A16…


It appears your HP burner is an OEM LG GWA-4162B with E152 firmware (you can double-check it on the label as shown here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/904938-post31.html ).

The only possible firmware update I have found is E223 here: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=2372 . You can download and try to update, it should tell you if it’s not compatible (I hope anyway ;)).

If that still doesn’t burn your DL media, you can investigate crossflashing to a suitable LG firmware, but that doesn’t look very straightforward here (and there may be no way back, not to mention it won’t guarantee anything). A more sensible solution then would be to get a new burner with better DL support.