HP DVD Writer 640b

Hallo. Does anyone know how I can edit the write speed in my drive? I have a dvd-rw disc and can write just at 2x but i want it to write at 1x speed only. MediaCodeSpeedEdit does nothing with it.

What is the reason for that?
In all cases, burning at 2x should be better. :wink:

chef, hi again :). Ja, for me that enough and i wish i could burn it faster but a dvd-rw disc burned at 2x is not compatibility on my dvd player. :frowning:

Ow. Could you post the model and type of it?
Maybe there is another solution.

chef, it’s Sunfly Pro-8 http://www.cookies.co.uk/index.php?page=equip_single&sidebar=yes&menu=22&pid=sfdvdpro8 :slight_smile: