HP dvd writer 640b



Anyone have any information on this drive?

Is it an OEM version of a LiteOn drive? or a BenQ/Philips drive?

All I know about it is that its a 16x drive, capable of DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD+R DL. It comes bundled in the new HP Pavilion a820n machines.

Any information would be great. Thanks!


Check in Device Manager.


Then it’s maybe an OEM version, maybe with cippled features.

Sounds silly, but has happened before…


Uh, yeah, thanks.

It lists HP DVD Writer 640b.


Yeah, I know. I just can’t tell what drive its an OEM of.


If you have a digital camera please take a photo of the front of the drive.


What’s printed on the drive sticker/label on it’s top?


I’ll try to take a pic of it this week sometime.

I should have mentioned that the other thing I know about it is that its features LightScribe support.


I haven’t looked inside. Its not my computer and HP doesn’t make it that easy to take a look at the top of the drive.

I was hoping someone already had the scoop on the drive before I tried other measures to find out what it was. :slight_smile:


If you run Nero CD/DVD Speed found at http://www.cdspeed2000.com what does it list as the firmware installed - should be in the drop-down box there beside the name. Just need to know the firmware revision number. :wink:


Not sure about the HP DVD640b, but the HP 640i is a Lite-on and has “lightscribe” for burning lables on the tops!
check here :



How do you know it’s a Lite-On? Not only by the picture at HP.com I hope because: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=872450#post872450


It’s a LG OEM. Saw the sample drive before. To confirm pls see if it can write to DVD-RAM.


The firmware revision is E152 according to NeroInfoTool. Date listed is 04-11-17.

And the front of the drive tray looks exactly like the one here:

(Except that it doesn’t say 640i on the front, just 640.)


The HP dvd writer 640b that I have in the HP machine is not able to write DVD-RAM according to NeroInfoTool (nor is it able to read it).


Other possibly relevant information from NeroInfoTool:

Read speed is listed as 24x.
Write speed is listed as 40x.
C2 Errors check box is NOT checked.

Doesn’t really sound like a Lite-On does it?


Well if it looks like that with the emergency eject hole on the left side it’s a Lite-On. LG DVD writers have the emergency eject hole slightly to the right like this and BenQ writers have it in the middle.


I’d say it’s a Lite-On of some variety myself by the looks of that pic. You could possibly ask about this drive on the Lite-On forum. Omnipatcher could possibly work on it to flash it to a regular Lite-on drive but I’d ask first and see if one the Codeguys can give you anymore information regarding this drive. Sorry about my original post, I should learn not to post when half asleep! I should’ve known in advance that the Firmware revision wouldn’t really be very useful at all sigh - I am normally more careful than posting a stupid and very pointless question.

I though the Lite-On DVD-Burners had the 40x specs, not sure on this though… uhm, looking on newegg…

Might not be a Lite-On! :frowning: I wish I had more information for you:

From the 1633S:
Write Speed: DVD+R DL 2.4X, DVD+R 16X, DVD-R 8X, DVD+RW 4X, DVD-RW 4X, CD-R 48X, CD-RW 24X
Read Speed: 48X CD-ROM, 16X DVD-ROM

So the CD-R write speed is off unfortunately although the RW speed is correct. :frowning:


I think Lite-On makes all their internal drives and BenQ will be making all the External drives


No there is an internal 640c = BenQ see here. In fact I’m not sure Lite-On got a contract for making any of the 640 drives if the 640b version indeed is a LG drive.