HP DVD Writer 640b/LG GWA-4162B - hangs & reboots with most discs

Alright - I’m a newbie and am trying to find the solution to my DVD+/-RW drive problem. I have about a year old HP a819n, WinXP SP2, with a HP DVD Writer 640b (which I learned from the forums here is really an LG GWA-4162B).

At first, I had issues with certain CD-RWs, and later Maxell DVD+RWs. My system would hang for a minute or two after inserting, then reboot and would remain on a black screen until I removed the disc. I was told by HP chat techs that HPs have compatibility issues with Maxells, Memorex, and other (though I’ve found no problems with Memorex CD & DVD-Rs), and to try Sony or HP discs.

Now, I have the same issue with DVD movies. The half-a-dozen HP chat techs I’ve spoken with have been absolutely worthless, pointing me at 640e & 640i driver/firmware updates, changing system settings basically to not reboot on problems, etc. The last one, of course, told me to do a system recovery - which I will refrain from as much as I’d like to spend the next month reinstalling a years worth of software and changed settings.

As far as I can tell, I already had all the updated drivers and firmware - so without performing system recovery and using my service plan with Best Buy (which would most likely leave my computerless for around 3 weeks), does anyone have an suggestions/advise?

Thanks for your time.

Use better media (especially in case of Memorex), this can save you much trouble.

Well, I dont seem to have a problem with Memorex - but the Maxell RWs do not work. I found it strange that such a mainstream brand would not be compatible with and HP DVD drive.

But - I can live with that - there are other brands to buy, not too big of a deal. The real problem is the facts it is doing the same thing with DVD Movies.

What speed are the Maxell RWs rated?

I no longer have the packaging (shrink wrap around a spindle), but I believe its 4x - DVD+RW 4.7gb, 2Hrs

Okay, an update:
I read somewhere in one of my hundred google sreaches about virus/spyware scanning can make an impact on your drives. So I did a full system virus scan, found a few “risks”, and an Error Checking scan on my hard drive. Now, it will burn to the Maxell DVD+RWs, it will open one I made with some test files - but if I right click the drive, it goes into hang -> lock -> restart. One new disk appears to have been burned already - but my computer straight hangs/restarts on it.

Similar with DVD Movies - it will now tolerate the disks being in the drive, but when I put it in, the drive name changes from DVD-RW Drive (E:) to CD Drive (E:) - but they still will not play, and if right-clicked the restart fun begins.

Maybe a defrag will help? I’ve lost so much faith in HP at this point and would really like to avoid a system recovery which I’m afraid still wont solve the issue.

DVD Movies are a little different too - same kind of thing as the

Try the following things. They may help.
Update your bios and chipset drivers.
Check to see if you have Sonic DLA or Nero INCD installed on your PC. If so, remove them. If you have both Roxio and Nero installed, remove one or the other. Update your burner with the newest firmware available.

I seem to remember HP Tech support having me install Sonic DLA when I first purchased the system, but I dont see it in my Add/Remove programs, and the only thing I find on a file search is for a Shockwave instruction file for it.

As for my drivers - I get every update HP puts out - however the seem to be unaware of the 640b, only 640e & 640i.

From everything I’ve read, I have the most up to date firmware.