HP dvd writer 630e

I just purchased this DVD writer from HP and they advertise 16X DVD±R on their SPEC page at hp.shopping.com. It’s a lie! It only burns DVD+R at 16X and DVD-R at 8X. Is there any way to tell who really makes this burner and is there a firmware hack to get it to burn DVD-R at 16X?

Here is some feedback, but I don’t know who made it.

This is actually a BenQ 1625!

Sure you’re not thinking of the HP dvd640e now? The dvd630e is not a Lightscribe drive and should be a BenQ DW1620.

Hmmm well HP lists the specs as 8x DVD-R writing.
So either it is a non-Lightscribe version of the 1625 or a limited version of the 1620.