Hp Dvd writer 400 c? or i? help!

ok well first of all… i have updated my firmware for the dvd400c to a kh27… the driver says that it is a 400c but on the dvd drive itself it says 400i? are they the same thing? also i have a problem reading blank dvds or dvd +r…any clue as to why?

This drives are equal.

Reading BLANKS? Makes no sense.

Maybe you meant that the drive cannot recognize some blanks?!?

i meant if i try to burn legit dvds to a dvd blank, it does not recognize the blank…it says “please insert a blank dvd+r/rw or dvd-r/rw disk” even if the blank dvd is already in the drive. so it my drive is not recognizing dvd-r’s =/ they can play dvds tho and burn cd r/ws

Clean the drive, try again maybe with different media/types and software and on another computer.

yes but what doesn’t make sense is that it can recognize cd-rws…so it shouldn’t be a dirty lens.

dvd lens dirty, cd lens probably not.

hmm…crossflashing fixed it :smiley: perhaps a manufacterer probleM?