HP DVD Writer 300n Problem

Since three weeks ago this drive hasn’t been working properly. It won’t recognize CD-ROMs, audio CDs, or DVDs. However, it will recognize any CD/DVD-Rs or CD/DVD-RWs. It can also burn CDs and DVDs.

What will happen when I put in a CD-ROM, audio CD, or DVD, it won’t make any “spinning” sounds, except you can hear random clicking sounds. Going into My Computer and checking what’s in the drive will show nothing. Then using MS-DOS Command Prompt and trying to go into the drive will get the message, “The device is not ready.”

I don’t know what’s going on and I’d like to fix this problem soon since I’m getting a new region 2 DVD in the mail and this drive is my only way of viewing it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Test the drive in another computer.

You can flash it with the latest 3.20 (dated 2004) firmware from HP.

i have same drive ssimilar problems, been told new ffirmware, but how to locate correct one?been told if u get the wrong one it can ruin ur drive. i have found a hundred different links. one firmware told me i needed the original cd burner software to use it, but i’d swear i had it. lost that link in windows re-install