HP DVD writer 200j (i?) won't recognise blank media

I searched the forums before making this post. My problem is that my hp dvd writer 200j won’t recognize blank media. My system is an hp pavilion 754n, with a 2.53 Ghz P4 and a gig of ram. I got it from my future father in law and it has been somewhat frankensteined, so I don’t know how many of the pavilion stats still apply.

One other post I read was saying that the 200 series will only read + media (DVD+R/RW, CD+R/RW) is there any type of firmware or driver update to fix this, if this is the case?

Are there any other problems that could cause this otherwise? the only blank media I have on hand is DVD-R (Memorex… I know… I was almost broke)

It does recognize all of my actual dvds and games and audio cds, etc. General playback and installs no problem.

The main project I was hoping to pull off was backing up alot of my files since I am going to be installing a 2nd hard drive and removing the partition from the first.

This a rather old +R/RW drive 2.4x your lucky it still works at all. IMO it is hight time to replace it.

Yeah, no way to make this drive do DVD-R; it’s a hardware limitation. Plus, you probably won’t get the best write quality with that drive and modern media, so watch out for that. It is probably time to upgrade to a modern drive that does all the writable DVD formats. :wink: