HP DVD WRITER 1040e/r burning problems on Dual layers

Hi i have done a post in her before about my drive…i have originally used memorex dual layers +R’s and i just tried the verbatim brand like i was advised dual layers +R’s but still it says “please enter rewriteable or blank disc” its honestly driving me crazy…i can use any single layers on her my imation and memorex work great same with cds its just the dual layers…i have been told that HP doesn’t make the writers that they are made from another manufacturer like samsung for example…my model number is a 1040e but the usb device says 1040r any reason why it does that…please help if possible…i have a while left to get it working…if we can’t get it to work…what would be a recommended burner to get…i wanna get samsung since they are pretty great with electronics…which type should i go if i go samsung??? assuming we can’t get this fixed thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Try removing your upper and lower filters and burn with ImgBurn

how do u remove the filters???

Use the guided help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

i just removed the filter and right now its going through with a file to disc burn if i remember the names correctly…im suprised its actually reading it…but some of my other programs don’t recognize that i have drives now how do i fix them do i reinstall those programs???

just wondering would write speed have a change on everything…could i do 8x for the dual layers img burn is doing it on 2.4 and it seems to be working…would that really be a factor???

What programs do not “see” your drive? With the Verbatim DL disks do not burn faster than 4x

my nero, recordnow don’t see them my convert x and imgbrn does…thank for the tips guys i just had my first successful burn on my dual layer