hi i just bought a 25 pack of these 4x dvd +Rs and am trying to find out if they are good before i open them… any help?


Looks like it will either be MC002 or CMC MAG F01.
You should hope for the MC002 :wink:


HP DVD+R 4.7Gb 4X 25pk Spindle

and CMC is poop right

the place where i got it, officemax also has khypermedia at 40% off , those any good?

Same as HP > CMC DVD+R

yea your right

they are both poopy
damnit! thanks man

I picked up some HP DVD+R 8X media in slim jewel cases, and DVD Identifier 3.3 reported the manufacturer code as MCC-003 (Mistubishi/Verbatim), so apparently HP is using different manufacturers for 4X and 8X DVD+R media.

Aha, but CMC is also manufacturing a LOT of discs for Mitsubishi/Verbatim, so odds are, even if it does show MCC002/003 as a media code, that it is made by CMC.

This is not good! You mean that even if the ADIP reads MCC003 there is no assurance that the media was manufacturered by Mitsubishi/Verbatim?

If this is indeed the case, how can one shop for true Mitsubishi/Verbatim manufactured media? Also, do you know if CMC is manufacturing for MCC meeting MCC standards of quality?

Buy Verbatim made in Singapore.

The CMC-MCC collaboration has been discussed many times at this forum.