HP DVD-R Any Good



I am currently using ritek DVD-R and am thinking of buying some HP DVD-R’s because I can get them cheap, are HP any good?

I am using this

This is what I am looking at


Ritek 8x are the worst DVD-R discs this planet has ever seen. They degrade over time. Google it and see the nightmare. I hope you haven’t burned too many discs with Ritek 8x DVD-R…

HP will likely be CMC magnetics. Either way, they would be better than Ritek G05 for longevity.


I burnt allot with ritek, i checked the data integrity of disks i burnt in 2010 luckily they are fine but I will switch away from them.


I also remember those old 8x Ritek DVD’s, and almost every disc is now in the trash.
Unlike their old 4x dvd’s both + and - that are still playing just fine.

I will agree that the HP’s, if they are CMC, would be a much better choice.


I know ritek are crap i. Just didnt know they were that crap, i just checked a few disks i burnt in 2009 and 2010 and their data is fine. Nero read 100% integrity, i must be lucky.


Maybe you got lucky, I on the other hand was very unlucky with those DVD’s.


Does anyone know if Kodak DVD-R’s are re branded ritek? I am looking at this.


Looks like you’re in Australia? The best discs locally are Verbatim. Hunting around some of the online stores you could get a good deal.

200 discs for $39 is good though.

A quick google for the MID shows it could be CMC, MBI or Optodisc. None of those are great but all better than ritek.


Yeah media is expensive in Australia, the HP’s are $54 for 200, the riteks I got are $25 for 100. I got a good deal on TY003 taiyo yuden for $29 for 100.


$29 for the TY is the best deal I reckon. Can’t go wrong with those!


Just seen this. If you’re in sydney you could pick these up instead of postage ($30).

Best price I’ve ever seen…



wow that’s cheap, I would love to get more but my mum loves inkjet printable, since they are mostly for her content I just get Inkjet printable. I checked some of my older no brand disks and they seem to be Mitsubishi Chemical disks on the codes. I believe the brand was intact but I am not sure, 100% data integrity from 2008.


Purchased. Even factoring in shipping, the price is amazing!


[QUOTE=terminalvelocd;2767653]Purchased. Even factoring in shipping, the price is amazing![/QUOTE]

Lol. You just can’t help yourself. I really want to buy them. But honestly, DVD to me is dead and $90 odd could be used on something else. Plus I have over 150 Verbatim + some TY T02.

Blu Ray all the way from here :stuck_out_tongue:


Ultra HD Blu Ray I’d add :slight_smile: