Hp dvd+r 4x 50 pack spindle

Hewlett Packard Media dvd+r 4x 50 pack spindle for $29.50 at micro center.

has anyone had any luck with hp media???

is this site australian??

i don’t think so

A friend of mine picked up that 50 pack last week from Micro Center. They turned out to be CMC F01. We both have LiteOn SOHW-812S burners. With a stock US0N firmware (no write strategies replaced), he couldn’t get Nero to even burn to the discs. I got them to burn in Nero, but it wasn’t a great KProbe scan (sorry, didn’t save it off). The disc was readable, and played fine in my standalone DVD player.

I then used OmniPatcher for LiteOn burners and upgraded the write strategy to use CMC R01, and the KProbe scan was beautiful. The MAX PI was about 35 and the MAX PIF was 2, with the averages being about 10/0.02.

Not sure if HP uses other types of media, but if they are CMC F01 and you have a LiteOn burner, they are woth the money (IMO). :iagree:

I also notice that they have HP dvd+rw 10 pack for $10.99. Anyone has any experience with them.