HP DVD+R 16x MCC004?



Anyone knows whether it´s MCC A-Grade-media or B-Grade?


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I think HP 16X DVD+R is CMC Mag or Philips. Never seen any that was MCC004.




Got a scan here after it was burnt on my BenQ1620, not a particularly good drive to be honest. Disc seemed ok though


Thank you

Did you burn 12x or 16x? 16x seem to cause problems at the end of MCC004-media in some cases


You can tell it’s a 16X burn from the writing curve (white) in the PIE area. :wink:

This curve is present when the disc has been burnt with CDspeed [I]create data disc[/I]. (personally I would love it if all burning softwares did the same!).

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I would hate that! My reasoning is as follows.

Nero CD-DVD Speed has to slightly modify the burned image in order to add a directory and a file containing the write transfer graph and identity of the burner.

For most images this doesn’t matter, but for some images it matters a great deal (e.g. copies of Video DVDs from my recorder). So no automatic adding of this information in other burning programs for me, thanks!

Having the option to add this information would be nice though, but it’s never gonna happen in general for all burning software! :disagree:


From my experience, HP branded media is usually pretty good stuff!
Almost exclusively manufactured by CMC.


I’ll second that, the HP media I’ve used is very good quality, and I’ve used quite a bit.

Dismembered Ninja, two things: You should try burning at 12x instead of 16x, and you can test at 8x rather than 4x if you want, 8x is considered the ‘standard’ for Benq drives, although most of the test comparisons I’ve done between 4x and 8x on my Benqs have been similar.