HP DVD burner blues

Hello, I’m currently experiencing difficulties with my HP DVD writer. It does everything except for recognize blank DVDs or burning them. I am able to play DVDs, cds, and burn CD’s, yet for some reason, the HP DVD writer does not burn DVDs. The model is HP DVD writer 300a. I’ve used Sonic disc creator, WinDVD creator, none of the DVD softwares recognize the blank DVD-Rs. I’ve checked if the DVD discs are compatible, seems ok because I’m using blank DVD-R’s to burn content onto it. What do you all think could be the problem?

The problem is that this burner is a DVD+R/+RW burner. But what is is really? A 300c or 300n???

In case it’s 300n: You can only burn to a small bunch of good -R with a special hack you can find on etna’s and herrie’s site.

I have exactly the same problem, with an HP DVD writer 640b. I have tried three different DVD disc types including Sony which was recommended by HP support. I can write CDs, read DVDs but not burn…spent 2 hours on the phone with HP support…still not working. If anyone can help, please do.

ok…some success. I ran PC Doctor on my dvd drive (and every other system) and PC Doctor had no problem knowing what DVD format was in my drive and all test turned up normal. On the advice of a Best Buy guy (my third trip to buy DVD discs), I down-loaded the free trial version of NERO software. I had no problem burning a DVD (DVD-R) with this software. So it is not the drive itself…MY COMPUTER can’t recognize the DVD formats, makes me wonder if it is a configuration/Microsoft software issue. I have installed a new graphics card since buying the computer, could this cause incompatibilities??? Anyways, looking forward to talking to HP Support tomorrow. Unfortunately the trial version of NERO expires Feb 2. Good luck.

You must use a proper burning app, fiddling around with “My Computer” or the buggy explorer will give you nothing, nada.

The burning applications that DIDN’T work were Win DVD Creator and Sonic Record Now. I wasn’t screwing around with MY COMPUTER. Win DVD Creator tells me that no burning device is available and Sonic Record Now tells me that I don’t have a recorder…but I do because NERO works fine.

Then both other softwares are obsolete to be useable with your burner.

So I have just been on the phone with HP customer support trying to troubleshoot a similar problem. I have a z555 which shipped with both HP DVD Writer 640b and WinDVD Creator. Burning a movie (using 120min Standard play) won’t work - burning completes but it won’t playback in any DVD player including the media center that burned it in the first place. They are shipping me new Recovery Disks (the first set were faulty) and they swear application recovery will make it all better. Anyone with experience of this? In addition, in the Media Center application itself the Create CD/DVD option - video DVD - works fine with a short program can’t burn anything over about 60min resulting in an error message that the file is too big for the DVD.

How can you say “burning a movie won’t work” if it burns correctly???

The problem is your standalone here.