HP dvd 940i stopped reading discs after froze during burning process

I recently was burning a DVD+R DL disk on my hp dvd 940i drive and it froze up about 1/2 way through the process. the led light stayed on so i had to abort the burn process. I then rebooted my PC and now my drive doesn’t reconize any dvd’s at all. When I put the disc into the drive it spools over and over but never fully reads the drive and evenutally just fails. Also the drive in my computer is now listed as a DVD RW drive rather than a DVD Drive.

How can I correct the issue? Please spare me no details on the fix…if there is one. Also would simply updating the firmware to a different version fix that issue?

Thanks in advance…

You need to buy Verbatim DL media only.
The “half-written” DL is wasted.