HP dvd 840y

:smiley: Hi! Rick here. I have a HP 840i. Shows up on my Device Manager as HP 840y. It is LightScribe. When I try to burn a label part way through I get an error message. “Error occurred press ok to continue”. When I press ok it appears nothing happens. I have to reboot to get the drwer to open.

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Perhaps the LightScribe Diagnostics Utility will be helpful ->


Also perhaps visiting the CD & DVD Printing and Labeling Forum and reviewing the Read First “Latest LightScribe System Software” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f123/latest-lightscribe-system-software-141769) and the Read First “LightScribe - How To Get Started” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f123/lightscribe-how-get-started-185521) will be helpful.


:bow:Thank you, bjkg, for taking the time to help with my problem. I think my problem is hardware related. I have tried the lightscribe diagnostic utility. I am using Surething Deluxe labler software. It seems to be programmed for software problems. I tried the device manager troubleshooter. It was not for lableing.
I had this problem before. I sent the unit back and got a replacement. Same problem. I get the feeling some component in the unit is overheating causing it to stall or malfunction.
It must be time to try another brand.:Z
Thank you for your time and effort. I learn a lot from these forums.