HP DVD 740r Help please

Im having some issues regarding the drivers for it, as in, i cant find them anywhere(atleast not without being expected to fork out $20+ per file, i think i need to reinstall them as i cant do anything with the drive with the given reason in the windows device manager being that the device drivers are missing/corrupt)

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated, because im confused and cranky as hell :a

(Sorry if this site is the wrong place to be asking about this problem, but it was the only site i could find with even an obscure reference the this particular make/model of cd/dvd-drive, ive checked on both lightscribe.com and microsoft.com but havnt found anything that worked (microsoft was no help at all, didnt even spot a download, just pages of techno-jargon and the lightscribe stuff had nothing for the drive itself, merely for the lightscribe function of the drive))

The first thing I would try would be to uninstall the drive in Device Manager, reboot and let the operating system find the drive again. To do this, bring up the list of equipment in Device Manager and right click on the drive. This will give you a list of possible actions, including uninstall.

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Follow the link in my sig to delete your upper and lower filters. There’s a Guided Help on the page to help you through the process. :slight_smile:

Was one of the first things i did ^^

The thing in the sig worked (did it via regedit instead of the guided thing)

Thanks alot, both of you ^^

Having a PC without the capabilities to read/write to discs is suprisingly inconvenient =/

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