Hp dvd 530i problems, updated to liteon 832 with no solution

Here’s my story. My DVD writer is an HP 530i, I updated the firmware to the 530r as directed by www.hp.com, I just figured I would check for updates on the drive. It worked fine for a long time. I had NERO 7 installed and I was starting to have problems, so I went back to NERO6 and have been using it perfectly for almost the past year, and lately I can not burn Audio CDs. They go through the whole burn process and the disc is written (you can see it!) but they just wont play in any CD player or even in the exact drive they were written with.

So I looked up some info on this forum and did the updates to make the drive a liteon 832 drive, I used omnipatcher to update to 832s CG3E firmware as described by CHOKO on post #16 from a previous thread:


I also saved the epprom and then reset the stored media with the EPPROM Utility. The only thing that has changed is the led on the drive flashes red instead of green when burning, but the discs still look complete and do not play anywhere, this is just with audio cds, data cds, data DVDs, video DVDs all work fine. I thought the problem was nero so I removed that and i STILL get the same results.

The stress level I am going through here is INSANE! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help!

You got the same results with differents brands of CD media?