HP DVD 200J playback problems

I really can use some help with this one… I have an Hp 2.4g P4 with 1G RAM. I have not had a problem reading DVD movies before. I have gotten rid of X-copy. I have Cloner II now. The movies with either program backed movies up with no problem. But since I last moved and before I switched programs I have been unable to watch any DVD’s. All the DVD’s will start but the sound will start to clip and the video starts to go choppy. Then the computer will just restart due to a fatal error. The old X-copy back ups played fine. All the burns were fine. But the new backed up DVD’s and all of the regular dvd’s will not work…PLEASE can anyone help. I have tryed the DMA setting and deleting the drive and reistalling it along with updating the drive software with not resolve…I have a nice Monitor and nothing to watch on it because of the playback problem…THANKs