HP DVD 1270i

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lurking around here searching for a perfect DVD-RW replacement for my near death Samsung SH223B. Prior to this purchase I hadn’t really put any thought into my optical drive other than whether it could burn fast and whether it supported Blu Ray or not. But since this one died after about 2 and a half years I started researching for something reliable and then I started reading here about scan qualities and such and I’ve decided to get a Lite-On but I’d like a real one. I’ve read on a few threads that this HP drive, the 1270i can come as an MTK or NEC version, basically a real Lite-On or a rebranded AD-7241S optiarc. The real reason I’d like the MTK is the biggest reason I even bother with an optical drive now is for disc imaging of my gaming collection which MTK from what I’ve read is the best for scanning quality and copy protection scanning?

My real question is if there is a physical check I can do on the actual unit itself to tell what it is? Not the box per-say but the actual drive. I work at Best Buy in stocking so it wouldn’t be problem for me to check, but I need to know what to look for unless it needs to be connected to a computer to tell. I appreciate anyone’s help.