Hp disc printers

i all looking for a new printer, the printer will be used exclusively for disc printing, i have tried both epson and canon over the years, the epson being far too slow and the canons unreliable and inferior quality to epson. have been looking at the hpC8180 and C5280 models, also need a ciss and dont think the c5280 has compatible ink.
cheap ink and speed is the major factor so anyone with experience of the hps speed compared to epson and canon is much appreciated

As to print quality, there’s no reason to give it any thought. Disc printing does not require photo-quality printing, and with proper setup, they will all look virtually the same on the same media. Printable discs simply do not support high-res printing. (possible exception being TY Watershield)

The Canon IP4500 is by far the fastest for discs. Nearly 2x faster than the Epson offerings.

The few people around here that have tried the HP’s have been unhappy with the disc print software, so plan on also buying extra software for discs. The HPs have also been reported to sometimes leave roller marks on the discs.
All in all, HP is not selling quality hardware, and drivers and software are pretty poor.

If CIS is a must-have, then you should get the printer that offers you this possibility, which is usually Epson. But you’re not going to find a printer that offers everything you want. For nothing but discs, I’d suggest the Epson R280, which does have CIS systems available, though it is an ink hog and slow. For quality, reliability and speed with discs, the IP4500 would be my recommendation.

thanks for the reply cdan.
one of my canon ip4000s has started working again ,keep getting error 5100 on both off em, so gonna wait a while see if i can get more info on the hpc8180, as £230 with a cis is alot of money if their no faster than the epsons

I can’t speak to speed on the HPs. The IP4500 is a different printer than the IP4000, and a lot faster. CIS might be an issue though, since it has a newer ink monitoring system based on chips. Chip re-setters are becoming more common, and seem to be working well with the Canons, but nobody has been able to make a compatible chip or a self-resetting chip.

My IP4500 spits out a disc with max quality settings almost a full minute faster than my Epson R280. My assumption would be that it’s using bi-directional printing on discs where the Epson is using one-directional.