HP Deskjet 3845 Out of Paper Problem

Using Windows XP Pro HP Deskjet 3845
I keep getting the out of paper error.
I put in 10 sheets of paper,20 and 30 sheets still get the same error.
And I don’t see the wheels turning .

A day later and no specific help arrived. My only suggestion is an ancient HP Deskjet trick: “pull out all of the ink cartridges, then power down the unit. Open the paper tray, hold down the buttons and turn the power back on. Release the other buttons.” This once (uh, 2000? 2002?) triggered a Mass Reset on the Deskjets.

Is this really a $200 printer, by the way? (I see an Amazon reseller is putting these out for $199… really?)

Oh - if the Power Button isn’t activated when the other buttons are held down, release them and then hold the power button down and see if the unit starts again. Normally, I just tap the power button these, but I seem to remember a “held down” button triggered this Reset function.

I’m not sure this will solve the Paper Feed Sensor problem, however.

Hi Christine
I tried it didn’t work says out of paper again. I got the cover off and put tape on the switch for the cover keep it running.
I go to Printing Preferences click on Services then click Service this device then I get Toolbox pop up on Device Services Tap I tried Calibrate the Device, Clean the Print Cartridges and Print a Test Page.
I see the Cartridges move to the right side where the cleaning tray is then go back left side and get Out of Paper pop up.
I have contact cleaner maybe I should try that on the paper relay switch.
Also I seen the prices on E Bay for the same printer new too much.

Well I’m getting the message Out Of Paper.
I took off the cover behind printer to look at the rollers not turning, not even the pick up roller that grap the paper not working and don’t see any gears moving.
I see a maybe 2"L. x 5/8"W. circuit board between back rollers and the pick up roller that feed the paper it could the sensor.

I don’t have any of this style of printer available, that’s why I offered up only older HP ‘tricks’ for testing. I’d be suspicious of a hardware failure and no tricks solve that.

I was asking about price because I thought these were cheap $50-ish printers, where the price of the ink-cartridges might be more costly than a new one. And usually, service calls on HPs (and most printers) start at the $75-plus range, which turns all of these into landfill junk - I hate that. I wish HP would accept all of these in THEIR backyard landfills.

I try to avoid landfills and give these products to local groups who have electronics capabilities (community colleges that do training, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc), in hopes they can ‘part out’ failed devices and re-cobble new ones.

Well not using HP printer now.
Got the Lexmark X4850 wireless printer and having problems with this one. Installed printer it works then restart computer says printer offline. Computer is wireless too could be a wireless network problem.
Should I stay in this section to start a new thread or Networking & security.

You can make a new thread in this same area. That should be fine.