HP denied my rebate

First, Hello to all cdfreaks.
It was for the HP DVD630i and was for $30.00. After reading about the rebate on HP’s website I went to Wal-Mart, bought one for $99.97. Jumped through all of the hoops. After about six weeks I got a denial card in the mail. I called the number and was told that because I purchased it at Wal-Mart it did not qualify… I plan on writing the AG. Has anyone else been denied?

Joey :a

they’ll deny you for the smallest things on mail-in rebates. they plain suck. sorry you got screwed, but most likely the fine print said something like “applicable to certain retailer only”.

The Ohio Attorney General has Best Buy and Office Max in court for things like that. I have resorted to New Egg unless the rebates are very big. I just got two from Staples from the Day after Thanksgiving :eek: