HP dc3000 Movie Writer Problem

Has anybody besides me own one of these? I just bought the thing, and the hardware all seems pretty good. The bundled software does what it is supposed to, but…

Has anybody been able to perform video capture with any software other than what was supplied? I can’t.

HP installed a number of drivers, including:
hpusbwdm.sys (version

The video stream is USB 2.0 from the unit. I am using a Toshiba Satellite A10 laptop with 512mb and a 2.2ghz cpu. Windows XP home.

HP support doesn’t seem interested in discussing why I can’t capture the video from any other software using the standard Windows WDM interface.

Does anybody have any Ideas?

I started a FAQ and user group for the dc3000. You can find the FAQ at:


The driver that is supplied with the dc3000 is currently only supported with the Showbiz program that is included with the device. However, other video software vendors have dc3000s and are working on native capture/authoring support for it. If you have a favorite program for video editing/authoring, you can use Showbiz to capture the .mpg file and the other programs to edit the video.