HP dc3000 Critical Issue with DVD



Hello - requesting assistance. Have a HP dc3000 Ext. DVD drive which is also called a movie writer and it worked very, very fine. Beforehand - in case I am double-posting, etc. please accept my apologies - (a) I didn’t find a dedicated HP forum (b) Forum rules suggested I should use Opt. Drive forum and not General Diss.

Anyways -

  • Machine : Windows XP SP2 (Intel P4)
  • In Device Manager, 2 drivers are CORRECTLY displayed - a dc300c driver in Optical CD/DVD … and HP dc3000 EKT24 driver in Sound And
  • No conflicts, etc. Running a Windows Update shows latest drivers installed.
  • When connected to USB port, it shows up as a drive.
  • Inserted various types of CD disks - blank or containing data - no problems. Able to read/write/etc.
  • When ANY DVD disk inserted, tried various types/brands - zilch. In Explorer says - Disk not found … / HP software RecordNow states - please insert blank DVD disk, etc.
  • Referring to Internet, I’ve gathered other burn s/w if present might cause issues. Luckily, I had a brand new XP-SP2 box, where post installation of drivers, tried. No luck, this time upon clicking the DVD Drive (Windows Explorer) NO error msg. appears, but nothing is displayed. Attempt to write into a blank disk - error msg. No disk found …
  • Note - I am trying all of this, in the original machine, where I have extensively already used this product. In fact, tried using the same DVDs which this product burned in the first place.
  • No, I did not do any type of super upgrades/etc. Just when I needed to burn something, things failed.
  • Forgot - whenever I insert either a DVD disk/CD disk - the green light in device does light up and then go away as normaly should happen.

------ In short, latest drivers : Yes, Read/Write CD Drives: Yes, Read/Write DVD Drives : NO (Disk Not Found/No Disk in Device/etc.)
The DVD disk can neither be read or written or recognized. Tried DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+/-RW, etc., etc.

!!! Please Help !!!

Thanking you beforehand,




Hi and welcome!

It seems, the part of the laser optics for DVD media has gone bad. If there is still any warranty, contact your vendor or HP support for further assistance. If there is no warranty, go and buy a new drive.

P.S. That poll is absolutely unnecessary.


After I did post my question, I queried the forum and came across interesting information. I am not sure how much of all this is relevant, but I believe in doing some homework also.

From forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=81516&highlight=dc3000

It seems that HP dc3000 is in reality a Philips drive - DVD8301. Also, as I have gathered, there seems to be a flashing mechanism: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1673 for flashing the DVD drive. The question I have, at this stage is rather dumb - how to flash?!! Since, HP dc3000 is connected to my PC using USB; not sure on how to achieve the flash. I raise this question, primarily because after reading this entry: http://forum.rpc1.org/viewforum.php?f=13&sid=7dbcf5785c3be18e94caf6b4c20fef5eForum

There’s also a series on dc400; which details cross-flashing and back flashing. I am not sure how much is relevant to dc300 here, but maybe similar methods exist for dc300 and/or the discussion is also relevant for dc300. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=165994

I am hoping to

  • Resolve the problem why my DVD drive : HP dc300 stopped responding to DVD disks (but perfectly reads CD disks).

Thinking back, [B]I do remember that I did 1 particular activity, after which all this started happening. Opening the properties of the associated device driver (thru Device Management screen) ; I tried to set the region to 1 (N.America). The software complained that it can’t be done, i.e. region could not be changed ; after which DVD disks stopped functioning! [/B]

Since I see the same behavior across 2 diff. machines against the same external drive - I believe I might have done / changed something to the in-built software contained in the DVD drive itself. That’s why, I am primarily interested in flashing the “BIOS” for the DVD drive … maybe it’ll help.


Thank you Michael. I just added some more comments and few stuff I remembered. Just a quick question though - if the laser optics have gone “bonkers”; shouldn’t it affect CD disk read/write too? If I insert a CD disk, the dc3000 responds fine! [I]Sorry - if this is a stupid question, dunno much 'bout internals of a DVD drive.[/I]
Yeah - the poll is absolutely unnecessary. I wonder, if any moderator/administrator can get rid of it. SORRY!!!



simply said, a DVD writer has two optical units built in. One is for CD media, the other one is for DVD media. Failure of one of those units rendering the drive useless for one type of media (CD or DVD) is not uncommon.

So I would not even think of flashing other firmware if the drive is still under warranty. Also, crossflashing the drive will not solve a problem like yours.
Crossflashing might be useful if you can get better media support or more features. But in that case any warranty is void.

Concerning your question about “How to flash”: Read the instructions you are given in the threads you have read or in the readme provided with the firmware update package. With most recent drives, official firmware update packages are mostly Windows applications. These should also work with USB connected drives.* If the drive is indeed a Philips OEM, then you should have a look into the FAQ in the Benq/Philips section. If a (cross)flashing method requires plain DOS, then you are lost with your USB connected drive, it has to be installed internally.


*) I didn’t have any problems flashing my externally connected drives (see sig) with newer firmwares. Even crossflashing was possible.


Unfortunately, it’s no more under warranty and there’s a STUPID issue; there’s an emotional/sentimental attachment (due to various “untold” reasons) to this device. Thus, wondering if anything can be done to salvage the situation.
[B]As I see it, somewhere, within the device I screwed up something, when I attempted changing the region setting to 1. As such, even in a diff. PC it’s not working. The flash by The Dangerous Brothers works only on DOS mode, and this is a USB connection. Also, the web-site indicates it’s really a DW400A BenQ with Philips chipset. [/B] Thus - anyone can help ? Sorry - to be such a terrible bother!!


I have already posted in Optical Drives forum my problem – which is issue with dc3000 HP DVD drive, which as per TDB - looks to be a BenQ driver. As such, wondering if you folks can look it up and maybe advice?