HP CMCMAG M01 a good alternative for E01?

I’m going to advise some people on what to buy and aside from Verbatim and TY, CMC get high marks here, when bought from a reputable brand at least.

The highly recommended CMCMAG E01 is however nearly impossible to find, and has been replaced by M01 (16x).

Are they still recommendable? Comparable to E01 or has quality changed?



M01’s seem to vary in quality and from burner to burner. I would not really recommend them unless there is no way to get Verbatim or TY’s. Staples in USA has some of the E01’s online last time i looked. They show the old 8X labels. I ordered a 50 pk and got E01’s a few months ago. Not sure if they are still in stock anymore.

I haven’t burned any of my CMC MAG M01 yet, but I see more complaints about M01 variability than AM3 variability on the CDFreaks forums.

I haven’t used enough CMC MAG. AM3 to know how variable it is, but my HP branded 16x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AM3) is working very well at 12x burning speed and below.

The only thing about the HP branded CMC MAG. AM3 I don’t like is the look of the red and silver label, which makes it harder to read what I write with my pen compared to most other DVD media (except TDK and Verbatim Hard Coat media).

You can still get HP branded 8x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AE1) at SVP if you’re interested.

I’d go for AM3 over M01 (and that’s saying something 'cos I’m a +R girl)…as mentioned, it can depend on your burner if M01 burns well.

My Infiniti AM3’s burn very well…regarding M01s, I often have to drop the speed to 8x, but at that speed they don’t seem too bad.


AM3’s are good but yes they a -R’s and i’m a +R guy :stuck_out_tongue: My AM3’s are HP LightScribe discs by the way.

LOL! :bigsmile:

I prefer +R as well, although I use a lot of both -R and +R. Unfortunately CMC M01 is much less consistent than any other CMC media I’ve used. I’ve gotten good burns with one disc and poor burns with the next, and that’s from within the same spindle. I’ve even seen it with my HP CMC M01, which is the first time I’ve had anything less than great results with HP branded discs, so it’s definitely an issue of this media code. It’s really annoying, I might get 5 very good burns and then the next 1 or 2 will have huge PIF totals, it’s seemingly totally random. Technically I’ve never burned one that wasn’t readable, but the scans with some of the burns are awful. So having said all that, CMC AM3 is much more consistent and decent media, and E01 and AE1 are usually even better. Always liked CMC +R media, but they’ve dropped the ball with M01.

I’m just preparing an order for them. Would you say the AE1 is comparable to E01?

Or should I rather try the AM3?

I’m using a PIO 111.



AE1 is usually better than AM3 in my experience. AE1 generally burns with lower PIFs and jitter for me, though sometimes higher PIE than AM3.

I’ve never burned any E01. :o

I’ve burned far more AM3 than AE1 and I like the AM3s, but I also like the HP branded AE1 I got from SVP some time ago [AE1 scan] [AM3 scans , AM3 scan].

I’m not Drage, but regarding AE1 vs. E01, they usually perform fairly similar for me. I like them both, I recently bought a few hundred AE1 and E01 so I’m now well stocked up on high grade media for a long, long time. I don’t anticipate buying much media in anything other than small quantities at this point, unless some great bargains come along on cheapo media.

Unlike [B]scoobiedoobie’s[/B] experiences, E01 has always outperformed AE1 for me, some AE1 I have used also suffered from poor write quality near the edge.


LOL :bigsmile:

Maybe he is “only” burning TY or MCC004

CMC MAG E01 was the second MID I ever used after OPTODISCR08 :smiley:


Not quite, but I only trust in MCC/MKM, TY, MAXELL, CMC and 8x TDK media for anything long term so far. The Sony 16x AccuCORE (+ and -) are still looking good and don’t seem to degrade and my extremely picky DVD player likes them alot, so I might add them to the trusted list.

/rant begins

I’ve never bought any CMC MAG E01 because they haven’t been available under any reputable brands in the shops I used previously, and now the HP and TDK branded ones are more expensive than Verbatim and TY media, so I haven’t been CDFreaky enough to pay an overprice just to get E01 media.

In addition to burning too many types of CD-R media to list or even remember them all, I’ve burned at least the following DVD media codes, some of them in several flavours:

MCC 01RG20, CMC MAG F01, RICOHJPN R01 02, RICOHJPN R02 03, ProdiscS03, ProdiscF01, MCC 003, MCC 004, MCC 02RG20, MCC 03RG20, YUDEN000 T02, YUDEN000 T03, TYG02, TYG03, MAXELL 002, CMC MAG. AE1, CMC MAG. AM3, TTH01, TTH02, TDK002, TDK003, Sony 16D1, Sony D21, RITEKF1, CMC MAG D01, MKM 001, RITEK 008, RICOHJPN W11, RICOHJPN W21, MKM A02, MCC 01RW11n9, MCC 01RW4X, MKM 01RW6X01

And some media codes I have bought but not burned yet:


I avoid all “house brand” media and anything that smells like SuperDuper AAA+ Grade media, I also avoid many brands that shall remain nameless, although I did buy some Memorex DVD media right after I bought my first DVD burner because I didn’t know any better at the time and they were much cheaper than other media at the time.

/rant ends :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried some Imation-branded (I-crystal) CMC MAG M01’s and I regretted buying them. The variation in quality between discs was enormous; some would burn fine, some would be marginal, and some would be unreadable. In contrast, the E01’s and AE1’s performed much better with fairly consistent quality, the former having the edge in terms of (lower) error rates.