HP CD52r (BenQ) Doesn't Recognize Sony CD-R Media

I have an HP CD52.
It’s an internal CDRW burner.
XP reports it as a CD52r.
I believe it’s made by BenQ for HP.
HP’s websight has basic info for a CD52ri that is bundled with the product.
They don’t have any of their email notification/subscriptions for this device.
I was looking for new firmware.

The problem is that a friend sends me data on Sony CD-R media.
The last disc he sent was NOT recognized in my drive for several reads/insertions.
It finally WAS recognized.
However, now days later, my drive wont read his latest disc or the many that he sent me in the past few months that always used to be read with no problems.

I’ve inserted with no intervention.
I’ve inserted while holding down the <shift> key.
I’ve disabled all autoplay capabilities in XP.
I’m using XP-Pro.

I just inserted a modem installation disc to see if it would read it.
It autoran even though I had autorun disabled in XP for all types of media.

Thank you for your help

Please use a proper and actual burning app and try again.

Please use DISCINFO and post it’s summary output here.

My friend burned these disc with Nero Express.