HP CD16ri Writer

Iv’e recently purchased a HP CD16ri Writer but i found that Easy CD creator 5.02b does not detect the writer a all, iv’e also tried using Nero and CDRwin 4, all failed to pickup the writer, the only program that picks it up is CloneCD and all CloneCD is good for is Cloning CD’s it cannot create music CD’s or copy files from HardDrive to CD.

Please if anyone can help me.


Any news on this issue ??

A friend of mine bought the cd16ri from HP and Nero doesnt recognize it :confused:

Reply to this message if you have news, because the bundled hp recording software Sucks.

I still havent found any other software for my writer yet, but i’ll try Nero

I’ll update you later. Cheers

Did you check if you:

  • set the master/slave settings right
  • have installed the ASPI drivers right
  • the hardware is well connected to the kabels (/motherboard)

My Hardrive sits alone on the primary IDE and my writer and CDrom are setup on the secondary IDE. The CDrom is setup as the primary and the writer is the secondary.

I think the writer was actually just launched thats why none of the other CDr burning tools like Easy CD Creator and Nero support it.

any other suggestions?

Did you check the ASPI’s?

Havent tried that yet. Do you think it will make a difference if the writer’s not listed.

where can i get those ASPI drivers?

make sure you post here if you have any news…

I did not try much software since. But i found that CDmate does support my writer and CloneCD as well, only thing with Clonecd is is that it’s main purpose is used to copy Discs(protected). I need a CDr program to burn audio, copy files from hardrive etc. CDmate can do this, well it’s the only CD prog i know that picks up my HP CD16ri. I got so annoyed last night coz i wanted to burn F1 manager and i know it’s protected(safedisc). Made the image with CloneCD, it strugggled reading though when it hit 83%(My writer created the image) and it took quite sometime reaching 100%(set cd read speed to X1-176KB), but i made the image eventually and when i wanted to write it it fucked my CD up. Not only once did i try but twice. Two wasted CD’s. I hope it’s just the quality of the CD’s though, i was using Memorex 16X 700MB. And CloneCD does support my writer. So i dont know what else to do.

If anyone has any help to offer please do. I think i’ll save up for a Plextor next time. It’s just names like Plextor and Lite-on are not common here in South Africa. Just names like HP, LG, Yamaha, Creative.


Well, HP and others are cheaper thats why they’ve a greater share of the market.