HP CD16 ri

Just a question

I own a Hewlet Packard CDri16 writer(16X10X40X). I recently sent my drive away for repairs where HP instead swopped it out for a new one. I know HP does not manufacture there own writers but i noticed when i got the drive back on the label on top of the drive it showed the Manufacturer name: HP and serial number and below it said “LTR 16102B”.

My question actually is…does this mean the drive is actually a LITE ON? Coz then that would explain why i am able to backup all revisions of SD2.

If it backups SD2 and has a label saying LTR-16102B, then I’d say it is a Lite On LTR-16102b :cool:

Thanks :cool:

Do you think it’s okay for me to apply the latest firmware upgrade to it perhaps…where can i find it and what does the upgrade do?

I never bothered to look at the model of the writer only once i sent it in for repairs.