HP CD12ri/ NEC 7700a


I’ve just bought a HP CD12ri (12x/10x/32x) but I can’t find any software that works with it (not even bundled). The model is not listed even on the HP website. On the actual burner it has “7700a”, would I be right in assuming that this burner is actually a NEC 7700a branded by HP?

Does anyone have any ideas to as how I can actually burn a CD using it. I have got Roxio CD Creator 5 Platinum (with the update), but that doesn’t work.

One additional point, the CD Writer is connected a Promise Ultra-100 PCI controller card - this shouldn’t make a difference should it? I can read from it using Windows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Maybe so. Try sending hp’s tech support email concerning this.
Have to look in depth on this./

BTW where did you buy it from??

I bought it from novatech.co.uk

On second thoughts I think the bundled software does work (some crappy HP-Write software) just not on Win2K AS (which I’m running) and I don’t think the bundled DirectCD works (it’s an old version) as the latest DirectCD (with EZCD Platinum) doesn’t work!

update – I have found one piece of software that will burn with this model - Clone CD!!

Unfortunately this is far from adequate for me as I would like to master CDs.

I would like to be able to have complete freedom of choice over what CD Burning software I use (like with my old drive :mad: )!!

Do you think a patch will be released - or will they ignore it exists (like HP itself has done). It is their latest CD Burner I think.


Damn I havent seen that particular drive but I will check out the site for info about it. Certain pieces of software for burners SUCK!

I just pick one up yesterday … $70… NEW! - I figured… Hell, it’s 8X Faster than my ol’ 4X … and IT IS!

Here’s what Software I found that works with it…

If you DIG and I mean DIG through HP.com you’ll eventually find an Download for “RECORD NOW” … It’s much better tham the MyCD thing on the CD, BUT it’s still not Nero…

Anyway, DiskJuggler works with it… But of course it doesn’t do ALOT…

Me I want to burn VCDs… SO, For that and All the other goodies that you want from a piece of CDR software you nned STOMP’S ClicknBurn PRO… that’s www.clicknburn.com… I’m pretty sure it will work… They say it’s compatible w/ cd12r and I think the “i” means internal …

I haven’t got it yet… SO, I YOU GET IT YO WORK … LET ME KNOW…

I don’t know what other programs would work. The Nec nr 7700a is definately an NEC. I bought one only to find that it’s not supported by many YET!. I think it’s an amazing burner and the software will definately be there for it soon …so don’t give up just keep on searching. How about adaptec easy cd creator?.


Hi there,

this recorder is supported since version

With cheerful regards, your nero support

Vjekoslav Katic <techsupport3@nero.com>

That's the reply I got ...so happy burning.

I’m buying the NEC NR-7700A as a bare drive. What drivers/software do I need to get it running?

Will it run with EZ Cd Creator 4.0, or do I have to step up to Nero?
(I’m planning on getting Nero, but I can’t find it in stock anywhere)