HP CD Writer CD16 Series - FirmWare Update


Does anyone knows where I can find the most recent firmware for an HP CD Writer CD16 Series? I went to the HP sites and found nothing (sigh), also spend a long time on google without any more luck.

My problem is most of the recent CD-R can’t be burnt at more than 8x, this is a real pain :-/

Thanks for your help

What is the name of the drive and what is the current firmware version?

It’s an “HP CD-Writer CD16 (N) Series” the firmware version is 1.5

Hmmm, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there has been any firmware released for this drive.

My Sis has this CDRW, I can check what firmware version is on it but even if it has a newer revision, mtkflash is unlikely to work.

Maybe they used a standard firmware from another manufacturer, well alas I can’t find any infos on it… arf HP sucks so much and their support is so lame :-/

By the way the firmware is 1.15, not 1.50, it’s a typo.

Sorry, finally contacted my sister she has a cd16b with firmware 2.00. Haven’t tried mtkflash yet.

MTKFlash works!

If you’re brave enough:bigsmile:

I had this same burner given to me but I don’t have the drivers. Does anyone know where I can get it?


This thread is already nearly 3 years old…

DRIVERS always come with the OS.