HP CD Writer +9100 Problem :/

Here it is, and i know u guys have probably gone through this before, but here it is anyway

I bought my CD Writer about 3-4 yrs ago.
Its worked perfect ever since today

When i turn on my PC, the light on the front of the burner immediatly goes red (not supposed to do that) and stays like that.
Also, the drive will not open. About an hour before this happened, Windows didnt even recognized that it was connected to the PC. About an Hour before that, i would try to open the drive but it would immediatly close on its own b4 it could open all the way.

I had this incident happen to me once b4 actually, (with the exception of the red light) but that was just over a year ago, and before i upgraded to WinXP

So can u guys help me or is my CD Burner a lost cause?

Assuming no configuration changes, the drive has probably just died.

As a new CD-RW is not very expensive now (and, indeed, DVD writers are much more affordable than they were), it really doesn’t seem worth much effort trying to resurrect such an old drive.


Thats what i was thinking since DVD/CDRW combo drives are only like $50 Canadian
But i was still hoping that this could be fixed

The last time this happened, we just left it for almost 3 months, but then our HarDrive crashed and we bought a new one. After that, the CD Burner was fine…
I heard once that there was some sort of spyware/adware that shuts down your CD Burner, is this true?
IF so, i might have contracted that since i just updated Imesh to the latest version, and that has some Adware connected to it.

I don’t know about the spyware shutting down the burner, but since its gone in and out of working when u changed OS and hard drive, I’m thinking its a software issue. Try it in safe mode as a test to see if anything different happens. Its possible that reinstalling xp might even do the trick, just that that’s a tedious option.

Before i do something like reinstalling XP i think i should drop it into another machine…
I just find it weird that the red light turns on right from when i press the power button, before even my bios loads…i think that it might just be broken.

Well, i finally parted with my old CR-Writer and bought a
LG GCE-8525B and it works fine, but it still costed $100, no way it shoulod cost that mucch, but i guess thats the price i pay when shopping at FutureShop, pfft everything costs twice as much as it should there