HP Cd-Writer 9100 need some info before i buy

i want to know if this cd burner will overburn and suport 80 min cds, i know that it supports clonecd and that is the whole reason for me wanting to buy one. please let me know, thanks

It can use the 80 minutes perfectly, but it cannot overburn them to lets say 83 minutes…

For the rest it’s a good drive but I advise you to buy the PleXWriter PX-W1210A. It’s not a cheap drive, but it is the best drive money can buy at this moment (121032!!! IDE)

I agree !!!
buy the PLEXTOR 12/10/32 ide
Best drive on the market now

System Features

Interface EIDE-(ATAPI), MMC compiant
Loading Mechanism Tray loader, dust sealed
Transfer Rates Read: Up to 32x=4800 KB/s
Write: Up to 8x (CD-R) = 1200/KB/s
Write: Up to 4x (CD-RW) = 600KB/sec.
Buffering 4 MB (11.5 sec at 2x speed)
Write Methods - Track at once

  • Disc at once
  • Incremental (packet)
  • Multisession
    Power Requirements +5 VDC with +/-5% tolerance
    +12 VDC with +/-10% tolerance
    Write Verification Automatic Power Control to dynamically adjust laser write power.
    Data read-after-write verification by host initiated procedures.
    Format and ECC Standard Red, Yellow (Mode 1 and Mode 2), Orange, and Green (Mode 2 form 1 and Mode 2 form 2) books
    Logical Recording Format UDF and ISO 9660
    Encoding Method EFM
    Media CD-RW or CD-R


Sustained Transfer Rates
1X read/write

Audio: 175 KB/sec.
Data Mode 2, Form 2: 171.1 KB/sec.
Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form1): 150 KB/sec.

2X read/write

Audio: 350 KB/sec.
Data Mode 2, Form 2: 342.2 KB/sec.
Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form1): 300 KB/sec.

4X read/write

Audio: 700 KB/sec.
Data Mode 2, Form 2: 684.4 KB/sec.
Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form1): 600 KB/sec.

8X read/write

Audio: 1400 KB/sec.
Data Mode 2, Form 2: 1386.8 KB/sec.
Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form1): 1200 KB/sec.

14X-32X read only (CAV)

Data Mode 2, Form 2: 2395-5475 KB/sec.
Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form1): 2100-4800 KB/sec.

Minimum Burst Transfer Rate 2.5 MB/sec.
Seek Time 125 ms one-third stroke
Spin-Up Time 2 seconds max.
Initialization Time 5 seconds max.
HP Fast Format Time (CD-RW) 5 minutes max.
Disc Finalization Time 2 minutes typical at 2X


Overall MTBF 150,000 power-on hours
Corrected Error Rate

Audio, Data Mode 2, and Mode 2 Form 2: Less than 1 uncorrectable frame in 109 bits read.
Data Mode 1, and Mode 2 Form 1: Less than 1 uncorrectable frame in 1012 bits read.

Media Compatibility

Write: CD-R and CD-RW media (recommend HP branded media)
Read: CD-Digital Audio (Red Book) and CD Extra, CD-ROM (Mode 1 Yellow Book), CD-ROM XA & CD-I (Mode 2/Form 1 Green Book), CD-ROM XA & CD-I (Mode 2/Form2 Green Book), CD-Bridge & Photo-CD (single and multi-session), CD-Video.

HP Part Numbers

HP CD-Writer Plus 9100i C4460B
HP CD-Writer Plus 9110i C4459B

System Includes

Internal HP CD-Writer 8x4x32x speed IDE CD-ReWritable MultiRead drive, IDE cable, installation guide, software, 1 HP CD-R (Recordable) disc, 1 HP CD-RW (ReWritable) disc. Software suite includes HP Fast Format, HP Disaster Recovery, Adaptec Direct CD and Easy CD Creator, Neato CD Labeler, FilingCentral by eFax.com. Also with the 9100i: Broderbund Multimedia Organizer Professional and Corel Print Office. Also with the 9110i: Broderbund Mulitmedia Organizer Deluxe and Sonic Foundry ACID.

Minimum System Requirements

IBM compatible Pentium processor (200 MHz or above), Windows 95b, 98, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4, 32 MB RAM, 35-185 MB free hard drive space for installing software. Sound card required for certain applications.

Note: Windows NT Server 4.0 and all versions of Windows CE not supported.

But if you want to overwrite you’d better buy a scsi cdr because they support it (the ones from plextor) otherwhise you will damage your writer