HP cd-writer 16 - Problems Burning

I’m trying to resolve this problem for a friend. The basic computer stats are: FIC PA-2013 (VIA) motherboard, AMD 350 MHz CPU, 64 MB PC-100 RAM, 6.5 GB HD w/plenty of free space, & W98SE w/latest drivers. First of all, this CD-RW (labled as GCE-8160B on top) will NOT work with DMA activated. With DMA, it seems to read data discs just fine: but goes into a very “slow motion mode” (…not quite locked-up; but darned close & tkes forever to read disc or even attempt to access songs) when doing anything with audio discs. Have checked connections, jumpers, tried different positions in IDE chain, reinstalled VIA drivers, etc; but to no avail. Leaving DMA of, tried buring MP3s with MyCD (HP) software; but disc came out sounding “fuzzy”. Actually, sounded like static that would fade in and out, almost like an old LP record. Uninstalled that and installed Easy CD Creator 5.0; with no real difference noted. Cut back recording from 16x to 8x and things got a little better, then even tried at 4x, at which point the first couple of tracks sounded very good, but static eventually made another appearance in later tracks. At this point I’m looking for input as to what I should try next. I’ve run similar systems with Acer, AOpen & Plextor CD-RWs with no problems, especially in regards to not being able to enable DMA without problems; but I’ve spent more time on this system than should need be. Any help appreciated.