HP caught again: After keylogger in audio driver, now keylogger found in keyboard driver

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/hp-caught-keylogger-audio-driver-now-keylogger-found-keyboard-driver-83197/

A security researcher has discovered a keylogger in the keyboard driver of HP that could potentially be abused by malware. The keylogger was found inside the driver of the Synaptics Touchpad that is installed on hundreds of HP laptop models, potentially affecting millions of users.

The Apples doesn’t fall far from the tree…do they think that getting caught once would be given a pass the second time around?

Oops. I guess “accidents” happen… twice… in the same year. Yup. If I were a skeptical person, I’d swear that this was intentional, perhaps to allow HP to help the FBI or the NSA illegally spy on everyone. Good thing I’m not a skeptical person. Nope. Not me.

PS: I am totally a skeptical person. Absolutely. 100%.