HP C5580 CD/DVD labels are smearing

I have an HP C5580 AIO that I bought a few months ago so I could print directly on the DVDs instead of attaching a paper label. I bought a 100 Inkjet printable Verbatim DVD+R’s and printed on those. Every time I print their is way to much ink being used. I let it dry for 24 hours and even after that the slightest touch causes ink to smear and come off on my fingers. I have tried many different programs including Surething and Acoustica. So my question is there way to turn down the amount of ink the printer uses? Or is some way to stop the smearing and ink coming off? I’m using the regular color and black ink cartridges, would switching to a photo cartridges help or fix it?
Thanks In Advance!

If the ink is pigment-based, that will explain smearing. If it’s dye based, then it shouldn’t do that unless too much ink is being applied. It doesn’t matter what software you use, the print process is the same.

Im using the HP ink I am not sure which it is. Is there a way to turn down how much ink uses?