HP buys Compaq

I just posted the article HP buys Compaq.

OK ok I know this ain’t CD Freaks news, but since it’s quite big news I wanted to report it here.

By spending about 25 billion dollar (25000000000 dollar!) in shares, HP bought Compaq. We all…

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just one thing, u said that no one or almost is buying Compaq. Well, i think that in the U.S, they do. Here, big stores like BestBuy or CompUSA sell mostly HP cpu or Compak (80% both) only few Sonys’. later. OBikeFixx.

I agree with fixx. Almost every major store in America sell’s Compaq. I personally have had four different brands myself, and find Compaq to be the best I’ve had so far. Now I’m not trying to take over the world or hack into the White House, but Compaq has been good to me. Besides, I need another BEER…:4

Not only is/was COMPAQ a major brand in the USa for consumers it is best known in the US for it’s business servers including ALPHA servers! :7

on the more so that even if they may not make the best cpu depends of the use. Like if u r total newbie, u can use it well and it looks nice. Like napster or AOL. In the us, AOL says : “it’s so simple, No Wonder it’s Number ONe” that tells u the spirit. other facts, both stocks were down when the news arrived. funny. other facts, Micheal Dell have a fortune of 127 Million dollar. the richest under 40. Source : CNN. Later. ObikeFixx.

Hey Guys wake up!!! Compaq and HP computers are CRAP!! everything on those damn computers are on board and usually isn’t fully working and gives a shit load of problems when you try to upgrade those… The only people that actually likes Compaq and HP are newbies that don’t know better :d … I’ve repaired many computers and none gave me more problems than the Compaq and HP one… Buyer Beware hehehe :r

all the rivers go to the sea…:4

You are right blackcatz!!

My girlfriend and counterless other friends have Compaq computers and they are full of useless software and have absolutely too many Compaq related programs running upon startup of Windows. After I rid my one friend’s pc of crap loading at startup, his machine actually could run some games again at a descent fps. I like home built myself - all the components I want and the software I want, no nonsense pre-installed bullshit :d

HP Computers are full of Crap!! They must always have something wrong with them, almost 60% don’t even work when you turn the damn thing on. Compaq are slightly better, but still suck. I think Custom Built all the way :7

Here is a nice page detailing how crap Compaq computers are :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.cexx.org/craputer.htm Also check out the main site at http://www.cexx.org there is some nice info on spyware there :slight_smile: