HP Brochure Paper + Humidity?

Hey guys… another problem…

everything was going well, until couple of days ago.

my printer (ip4500) started to have trouble taking the brochure paper (hp q1987a)… ive done the roller cleaning, but still no luck. ive noticed that the paper is sort of “sticky”… could humidity play a role in this problem?

Thanks guys…

It’s weird stuff. I see it curling a lot after printing and until it’s dry. Are you trying it in the upper feed? That’s the best place for heavy papers.

yea its on the upper (rear) feed… it works for a while, then starts to rub like the paper is “sticky”… rite now, i have a fan on the paper, hoping that the stickiness will fade…

im stumped rite now…

It is coated paper, so anything is possible. And as they say: humidity is relative. I live in the desert so I won’t be much help there. Heat will dry it out.

But if it’s curled at all it could refuse to feed.

well… i wasnt able to pin-point the problem… yesterday was 93% humidity… today is at 73% (the wife called me a weatherman lol) so ill report back on how the paper reacts.


Like CDan, I live in the desert where there is low humidity. I never had the feed problem you speak of with this paper.

Back in the day when I worked with copy machines, any drastic change in humidity, either direction, would cause the copiers to to jam more frequently. I think it has something do to with static electricity causing the paper to cling together. Fanning the paper before putting it into the tray would help.

Try fanning the paper before loading it in the printer and see if that helps.

[B]ADDED:[/B] I just saw that you said you tried fanning the paper, oops. Be sure to fan it while holding it from different edges. A couple times from different edges should help. The humidity is definitely playing a part in your issue.

Item 7 in this “10 Things” blog supports my humidity claim, however, number 6 says not to fan, hmmm.