HP branded Pioneer BDR drive info and firmware help

I have an HP branded pioneer BDR drive that I’m trying to get info about. It is branded as “hp bdr-td03ha” I can’t find any info about this drive. The only things I can gather is that is it some sort of pioneer drive. Does any one have any information about this drive and if there are any firmware updates for it? Thanks for you help.

Doubtful there are any substantive firmware updates, even if you could find the corresponding model to crossflash to. The reason is because this drive is from 2010.

There’s also a “BDR-L06” OEM drive floating around that’s probably a BDR-206. But there’s no way to know for sure unless someone opens the drive and verifies it.

One thing’s for sure: All modern blue-ray drives are junk. Be prepared to replace them every few years, and you’re lucky to get that out of them. Their method of failure is the blue-ray laser. They don’t seem to last very long.

Slimline internal drives designed for installation in a laptop are sold as OEM devices; i.e. their market is computer manufacturers, not end-users. Because of this, the only licensed source of firmware updates is the computer rmanufacturer that is using those drives inside their computers.

The added wrinkle from this arrangement is that firmware revs for the same hardware are OEM-specific; e.g. the Lenovo firmware for a BDR-TD03 is different from the ASUS firmware for a BDR-TD03 is different from a Fuji BDR-TD03 is different from an HP BDR-TD03 (if any of these hypothetical examples ever existed). The flasher from each respective manfacturer, if it exists at all will, by design, refuse to recognize the same hardware OEM’ed for a different manufacturer as flashable.

So if you are 100% intent on finding a firmware update (and you haven’t stated what you intend to accomplish by installing updated firmware) the best place to look would be the download sections of laptop computer manufacturers who may have incorporated that drive into one of their older models.

On other revisions of the same model, they support BDXL. MIne doesn’t. Maybe that’ll fix it?..

Highly doubtful that a firmware update would add that functionality.

Ok. Well that’s the end of this quest. Thanks for you help.

Probably not.

A good indicator that could be given as an example is the LG WH14NS40. The original ones will not read BDXL, but the later revision WH14NS40 with a service code of NS50 will.

It’s worth noting that the WH14NS40 service code NS50 was released sometime between 2012-2015 and is still LG’s flagship model today. The WH16NS50 and all other LG drives are all the same inside AFAIK, and have remain unchanged for more than 5 years now.

The WH16NS60 line must have hardware differences from earlier models, though, due to the presence of the on-board crypto chip for playback of protected UHD discs. Example from the BU40N:

Yes, looks like you’re correct. It’s discussed here:

The difference between using a UHD “friendly” drive and an official UHD drive seems to be the type of software one would have to use to view the content.