HP-branded CMC DVD+R DL media

A pleasant surprise, this CMC MAG D01 media.

Rated 2.4x, but Plextor PX-716A and LG GSA-4166B both offer to burn it at 4x.

Here’s the first one out of PX-716A, burned at 4x:

Not bad. What was the pricetag on the media?

Nothing remarkable, just above $2 a disc.

I’ve seen this HP 2.4X DL +R media here in Egypt for $5 per disc :a
I wanted to get some for testing but my Benq 1640 can only write them @ 2.4X as MCSE says , so I didn’t bother with it .

Hmm… seems CMC can be an alternative to Verbatim DVD+R DL media, given proper firmware support… :slight_smile:

They are getting better (supported) and in quality. Not bad, really not.

I shouldn’t say anything 'till I buy a few (but I still have 60 or so MKM001 Verbs left over from that Best Buy .50c/ea blowout) but my local Microcenter has these for 3 for $6.