HP branded CMC DL DVD+R media not working in BenQ drive

Hello guys i had bought some hp dvd+r dl cmc mag d01 from walmart. I can not get these blank dvd+r dl to work. I called hp to see if i could get a refund on these cause walmart wouldnt take them back and they that this particular blank dvds are only meant for light-scribed burners. I went back to the store and bought some verbatim dvd+r dl and they worked just fine. Is there anything program i can use to make these usless HP dvd+r dls work with my benq burners?

This thread is for posting scans, not for posting questions, so if you have any further questions post them in the main media forum. Regarding your question, UPDATE THE FIRMWARE. If the discs don’t burn, it’s the burner and its firmware’s issue, not the media.

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Like [B]scoobiedoobie[/B] points out, the Blank DVD Media Tests sub-forum is only for posting scan results! :slight_smile:

Sorry to say trugamer79, but I think all has already been said in this thread of yours.
What other BenQ burners do you have except for DW1620?

Oh well, maybe you can try to burn them as single layer discs, who knows… :wink:

All i have is a benq IO MAGIC DW1620-OC1 I just upgraded to firmware b7w9 and i able to burn with verabitum. Is there another firmware i can upgrade to make these hp dvd+r dl useful. If anyone can help me ill really appreciate it?

There’s nothing wrong with the media, the burner’s firmware just doesn’t have firmware support for them, and likely never will being an older burner (unless they decide to come out with a new firmware version with a write strategy supporting them, unlikely). A newer burner that supports the media would work with them, such as the Benq 1640/1650/1655.

I just checked the DW1620’s B7W9 firmware in MCSE and it does indeed have support for CMCMAGD01. I wouldn’t think that the drive is the problem in this case. The DW1620 is an incredibly able burner, even today. :iagree:

OP: You say HP told you this media is meant only for Lightscribe burners? That is a total load of crap. Lightscribe burners aren’t special in any way other than the basic hardware required to recognize LS discs. In fact, there is a Lightscribe drive based of the BenQ DW1620, the DW1625. I think HP is just feeding you a line to get you to scew off.

My mistake then, I was going off of Benq’s list of supported media for their ‘latest’ firmware for the 1620 (from their .doc file on their site). I still question the burner’s support of the media rather than the media itself, even if it does have a write strategy in the firmware. There’s not much info out there about CMC DL media yet, but I’ve not heard of this being an issue with it. It could be a bad media issue but I’m more suspicious of the burner’s support. And don’t give the ‘CMC is crap’ line, CMC typically works well in burners that support it, and HP is probably the best brand of CMC-made media you can buy.

In the future I would suggest Verbatim DL media though, as it has, by far, the best firmware support of any current DL media.

I wouldn’t be quite so fast to blame the drive. BenQ has always been very, very good about media support.

It’s true, info on CMC DL is very scarce. I have absolutely no problem with CMC, I think they have the capability to make good quality discs, but I think it’s too early to extend the “CMC typically works well in burners that support it” to DL because DL really is a different beast. DL is much harder to manufacture than SL, so a much higher failure rate is to be expected.